Becky’s Memoir, I Drink, Therefore I Am, Comes Out This August

In an intimate memoir, Becky shares her experience falling in and out of love with alcohol. Whether you’ve struggled with addiction or love someone who is struggling now, Becky’s true confessions and honest insights will provide a healing elixir on your journey to freedom.

The book is available at Hearthfire Books in Evergreen, CO and on Amazon.

Gain Feedback & Insight

Process the challenges in your life with the benefit of feedback & insight, helping you gain clarity. If discretion is important to you, it’s important to Becky.

Set New Goals

Rediscover and redefine your goals and passions, and create a plan to help you achieve and fulfill these dreams.

Get to Know Who You Are

Life & Recovery Coaching gives you the space and time to learn more about who you are, who you want to be, and how to bridge the gap.

“Becky really helped me to identify challenges and set clear goals to work through them. She was a wealth of knowledge and suggestions that I had not even considered. With Becky’s help I have been able to cut down my sugar intake, find new ways to meet new people and focus on the positive things in my life.
Thank you so much for all your help.”

Lori A.

“Thank you for your ideas, support and encouragement. I was able to accomplish the goals I set, both big and small. I was left feeling confident, energized and with and ‘okay whats next’ attitude.
Thank you Becky. I enjoyed this experience and am grateful for it.”

Jacqueline C.

“The assignments Becky gave helped me immensely in my search within myself, to find the answers I have been desperately searching for over the past few years. Becky’s compassion and support was incredible. We spoke on several matters involving personal as well as business relationships. Becky was an amazing listener and was able to guide me into that “moving forward” motion, hence, becoming “unstuck.” I highly recommend Becky to anyone who is in need of someone to give them that necessary push.”

Julian V.

“Becky is a great coach! Her peaceful appearance and presence make it very easy to open up to her. She always finds the right questions and methods to work on the issues I encounter. Thanks to Becky I feel that I have chosen the correct path that does not interfere with my family life.”

Yael L.

“Becky has coached me for the past couple months and she’s amazing. She’s helped me gather my thoughts, think about action steps I could take, and together we created plans. I feel very supported and already see lasting change in my life. I would highly recommend Becky as a coach.”

Lindsay K.

Meet the Coach

Becky Atkinson

Fourteen years ago, my husband gave me an ultimatum: either I get sober or I lose my family. It was a moment of reckoning and pushed me into the most difficult transition of my life. I got sober, but I was depressed. I thought I would never experience happiness again without alcohol. 

With the help of a Life Coach, I focused on the moments of joy in my life, amplifying every detail of what it felt like to belly laugh and be surrounded by love. I gradually rewired my brain, replacing the idea that happiness came from alcohol with the realization that happiness comes from a life of purpose, passion, and connection.

My journey to sobriety—and later transitions away from a lifelong professional career, dealing with aging parents, and meeting the demands of raising teenagers—have taught me how to navigate the most challenging transitions in life.

Today I feel more fulfilled and optimistic than I have in decades. I’ve strengthened my marriage and am pursuing my dreams. If I can make these profound changes, you can, too. I’ll be here to guide you.

Reawaken Your Sense of Self


The pressure on women and moms can be overwhelming. Increasingly, women are relying on alcohol to cope with their day to day struggles, or simply to relax. As your Life & Recovery Coach, I’ll help you reconnect with your inner wisdom and find joy without the crutch of alcohol.

Whether you’re a recovery alcoholic or simply reach for the wine bottle more than you’d like, there is a brighter tomorrow ahead of you.

How Does It Work?

Follow These Steps

Click the button below to schedule your free 1-hour coaching session.

During your first session, we’ll see if we’re a good fit and create your customized plan.

Together we’ll work to implement your plan and get the results you desire.

Rates & Payment Plans

Rather than selling you a package that requires a large deposit up front, Life of Impact charges a per-session rate. Together, you and Becky will discuss a plan for your transformation, including frequency and expected number of sessions.

When weighing price, consider this: How much will it cost you to remain where you are now? What are your current hang-ups costing you in happiness, contentment, relationships, and confidence?

Click the button below to book a free 1-hour session and see if Becky is the right guide for you. 


Before your free 1-hour introductory session, please think about the following questions. This will allow Becky to use the time well and make progress right off the bat.

  • What are you wanting to achieve?
  • Why is this important to you personally?
  • What are your biggest struggles you’d like help with?
  • Are you ready to commit to DO the work it’s going to take?
  • Anything else I should know about?

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